Gameboy Advance Development

I am using this page to showcase my recent development work for the Gameboy Advance platform. The various tools, etc. on display here are all part of a larger game design project I am working on, that will hopefully reach the demo stage soon.

Pseudo-3D Engine

This is the most impressive demo on this site. It combines the Mode 7 technique with raycasting and a whole bunch of other nifty elements to create a very cool gaming engine for a world viewed in perspective. (This page is continually out of date as I am constantly upgrading and improving the engine in tandem with the development of my game, but it is a good demo nonetheless.)

PMOD Music Player

A basic MOD music player that I've coded for my game. Both the mixer and player are coded entirely in assembler so it is very efficient.

Text and String Utilities

This consists of two elements: the PFont Engine, which is a variable-width font utility, and posprintf, which is a slimmed-down and optimized version of the ANSI sprintf() routine for printing numbers, etc. to strings. I have released the posprintf() routine to the public domain.

Demos require an emulator such as the free VisualBoy Advance in order to run. All demos are tested on actual hardware, but if you want to try them on hardware then your linker may need to alter the ROM headers in order to run them. They will not run on multiboot.

All demos downloadable from this site are Copyright © 2003 by Dan Posluns.

Prospective employers interested in seeing the source code for any of the non-publically released products should contact me for release arrangements.

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